Trout Magnet



You’ll have the potential to outfish everyone on the stream, simply by adding a Trout Magnet® Body to your jigging presentation. The Trout Magnet is so irresistible because its balanced design allows it to fall with a lifelike horizontal profile rather than a vertical plunge. Threaded onto an appropriately-sized jighead, it can be used with or without a float; like natural forage, it flows along with the stream. You’ll love the Trout Magnet’s subtle, lifelike action, and so will the trout! Handy Bulk Pack.

  • Highly effective, balanced design
  • Falls horizontally through the water column
  • Subtle, lifelike action

Additional information

Bait Color

Bison, Black/Green, Brown, Bubblegum, Bulldog, Chartreuse, Dreamsicle, Glow in the Dark, Gold Glitter, Green Red Flake, Limeade, Mealworm Gold, Orange/Chartreuse, Orange/White, Pink, Purple Haze, Purple Redemption, Red, Salmon Fix, Sassy, Sunrise, White, White/Chartreuse, Yellow

Bait Size