Challenger First Class Target 20 GA 2-3/4″ 7/8oz #7.5


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Break More Birds, Not the Bank, With This Ammo


Challenger Ammunition uses the most modern ballistic laboratory equipment for testing shotgun shells. A universal receiver, combined with an ultra-sensitive “quartz pressure transducer” and sophisticated chronograph system are used to test pressures and velocities. All other parameters are consistently inspected to insure quality control.

High tech innovations make their sure-fire primers consistent shot after shot. Slow burning powders offer unequalled performances; very light recoil, and less shot deformation. The one piece plastic wad, whether double or single piston, ensures the shooter with more clay busting and game getting performance.

A tubular reducer increases the impact power and leaves the penetrating roundness of the shot unaltered. The extra hard high antimony lead shot offers a dramatic improvement in ballistic result, maximum penetration and denser patterns.

Another feature is the fully reloadable plastic hull; an advantage for economy minded shooter. Challengers’ modern facilities include the most up to date equipment available on the market today, thus guaranteeing strict quality control.