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We are a bit paranoid about words like “innovation”, “thinking out of the box”, etc. In this modern age, these have become buzz words, used by everyone and anyone who do something slightly different. Two questions need to be asked when anybody makes such a claim. The first being: “is it really different from what has been done before?” The second: “does it work?” At Fluid we look at things differently. Everything that needs to be designed on our boats is designed from basic principles. This includes hull design, deck design, and outfitting.

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Proudly South African

Fluid is the brainchild of SA’s Celliers Kruger, local paddler, and mechanical engineer. After over a decade in the industry Fluid has truly become a little big company – producing kayaks in SA that are paddled by the world..

Do it now!

Fluid’s “Do It Now” Whitewater sit-on-top provides a stepping stone for getting into a sport that you otherwise may never have felt comfortable attempting, and it is a fun addition to any weekend warriors gear room.

Choosing the right Kayak

Fluid has a range of kayaks to suit a variety of needs. This range is split between recreational, whitewater, and competition. All kayaks are roto-molded plastic and are hardy and long-lasting.

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